How I Earned A 
Passive 6 Figures 
w/ Airbnb™ without Buying Any Properties
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How and WHY to get into the Airbnb™ game without buying any properties
How you can get started THIS MONTH, regardless of your financial situation
How to SCALE your business to a 6-figure income  
 on autopilot
Host: Aaron James, Seasoned RE Investor, 6+ figure earner
About Your Trainer
A few short years ago, Aaron discovered the promise and opportunities with Airbnb™ while searching for a way to sustain a long-distance relationship. Without any guidance, Aaron lucked upon an additional $4-8k per month from his apartment during the times that he was out of town. Over time, and through countless learning experiences, Aaron figured out a method of convincing landlords to rent him their properties in a win-win scenario. That allowed him to acquire properties faster, and on a budget. Because of the system he created, not only was he able to expand locally, but also nationwide, on autopilot while he was focused on other things. The immediate results were astounding- surpassing 6 figures within months! His presentation will:
  • break down barriers of entry into the real estate industry for those who couldn't participate 
  • to introduce a system that can consistently generate monthly profits of at least $2-4k, per property 
  • to show you how you can earn a full time income, almost completely on autopilot!
  • And So Much More...
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Donnie~ FL
"We've known Aaron for a long time, and he's always loved helping people. I remember when he was charging $500/mo. for this program..., so when he called me and told me he was coming out with a masterclass , I couldn't believe he was giving it away for FREE! This information is invaluable for anybody who is trying to work their way out of a full-time job!  

Dru~ Atlanta, GA
"I just wanted to share how hype I am about 6 Figure Hosts! I've been wanting to get into Airbnb for a long time, and they made it really simple for me to understand the process from newbie to first reservation. Aaron, I told you beforehand that I didn't believe this could be possible, but you proved me wrong, sir! Thanks again!

Erica~ Charlotte, NC
I’ve been interested in real estate investing for about 3 years now, but I just felt like I was too young, and I didn't have the best credit. A couple months ago, my friend told me about 6 Figure Hosts, and I gotta admit, it changed my whole mindset. My friends and I have used Airbnb’s before, but I never imagined that I’d own one… I got the course, already furnished my first property. They made it so simple- I think I'll do it again! 
Valentine~ Mesa, AZ
"This whole course is THA BOMB! My husband and I have been looking for a course that gives it to us real! We’ve spent thousands of dollars on “coaching” that hasn’t gotten us anywhere, so I almost didn’t buy this course. But I got a ton from the masterclass alone, and that us comfortable that Aaron could show us how to hit our goals. It's been a while since we've been this excited about something!
Noel~ South Beach, FL
"I really wanted to say thank you to Aaron James and the whole 6 Figure Hosts team. The masterclass really opened my eyes because I thought I was going to have to wait because I wasn't in a position to utilize my credit. I was sold 20 minutes into the class, and it's been on ever since! 6 Figure Hosts is alot of info, but it's broken down into manageable steps! I've been pleasantly surprised by how quickly this is moving... "
Danny~ Dallas, TX
"6 Figure Hosts is 100% worth it! I believe in hard work, but Aaron makes this thing so simple! I've already got my first property off the ground and running, and I'm excited about what's coming next!"

Brian and Kyla~ San Diego, CA
"My wife and I have known Aaron for a long time, and we've always stayed in touch because we're both serial entrepreneurs. When I saw he had a new course on Airbnb, I had to take a look. I work hard, but with a new baby in the house, I enjoy the passive income that comes along with my Airbnb business. We plan to continue to expand like clockwork every 4-6 months"

Hector and Monica~ Denver, CO
"Monica and I own a music entertainment company which takes the most of our time and focus. Our mentors taught us that we need to have multiple sources of income, so earlier this year, we started discussing ways to bring in passive money through Real Estate. This program was right on time, and we've already started the financing and credit process in anticipation of our 1st property by year end! "
Tim~ Houston, TX
"Just wanted to thank Aaron James and 6 Figure Hosts for the support they've been giving even in my first two weeks... The great thing is I've found some creative financing options for me and my brother to get started in the business. So I am thankful for the support I've received and look forward to my first property!"

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How I Earn A Passive
6 Figures w/ Airbnb™
Without Owning Any Properties